About | Frosted Cakerie | Joplin MO

Frosted Cakerie is a high-end, special order bakery that provides custom cakes, cookies and desserts, specially coordinated for each event. Whether you’re having a wedding, baby or bridal shower, or just needing something to enhance your special event, we can make something that works for you. Using real and local ingredients when possible, we create desserts with a unique twist that look and taste great, as well as having options for those with food allergies and preferences.

I learned to bake when I was very young. My grandma started teaching me when I was only five or six years old. I remember the magical experience of being able to make a mess on purpose as we spread the flour over the counter tops to keep cookie dough from sticking. My grandma taught me our secret family recipes for bread, cinnamon rolls and cookies. We would deliver what we made to friends and family.

Since then, I have developed a passion for creating my own recipes and improving on old ones. I still love to share what I make with those around me, which is why I created Frosted Cakerie.

We believe in the importance of local businesses to maintain thriving communities. That’s why we have chosen the downtown area for Frosted Cakerie. We love what downtown is becoming and hope that we can contribute to the Joplin community in some small way.